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<before joining the membership of Akane Hatanaka Video Gallery>
This is pay site to be available for monthly basis 100 JPY, tax-excluded, - USD 1.04, GBP 0.72, EUR 0.80 -, as use of information and contents charges. Our company use payment agent, PayPal, for personal information protection. The customer who does not have PayPal account should establish the new registration. Establishing new PayPal account is for free. In addition, it is an e-mail address and a credit card or a bank account for payment that are necessary for establishment. This service is automatic update. When you want to resign membership, sorry for your inconvenience, but we must have you stop the periodical subscription on your dashboard of the PayPal account. As a general rule, please note that you cannot refund after the monthly purchase, by nature of this service that means authority of member's area. The authority of member's area lapses automatically, after customer stops periodical subscription. Please read these <About collection and the use of the personal information>, and <Terms of Use> before the use by all means.

<About collection and the use of the personal information> In this site, we may ask the personal information (name, e-mail address, birthday, gender, address, phone number, occupation, presence) of the customer. It means that we may ask your personal information, your name and e-mail address and etc, in the case of enrollment, in the case of sending e-mail magazine, or in the case of sending questionnaires, in the case of on-line shop. But we never personally directly ask the number of credit card without PayPal. Please beware of danger of online fraud such as impostor scam, and phishing scam.

<Terms of Use>
When a customer uses "Akane Hatanaka Video Gallery" which &Music (I say us as follows) provides (I say this service as follows), you consent to the content of Terms of Use and please observe it.

・All rights including the editing copyright about this service belong to a third party having us or a copyright.
・A customer forbids us reproduction, copying, accumulation or to transfer it by the contents of this service without permission.
・The customer threatens the right of us about this service and other third parties and and you set a limit or shall not have to wake up the action that there is a threat at all.
・Any right to affect the Terms of Use for us or authority duty moves to a third party or cannot transfer the customer.

In the case of the following, we delete it in these Terms of Use by our discretion more and shall be able to change corrections.
   1)When the change of these Terms of Use adapts to the general benefit of customer.
   2)Without being against the purpose that I contracted and when the change of these Terms of Use is rational in light of the need of the change, the circumstances to considerably suffer from the nature, the contents or other changes of the change of the contents after the change.
When I change these Terms of Use by the foregoing paragraph, we display the effect occurrence time of changing these Terms of Use, the contents of these Terms of Use after the change and the change on this service or shall publicize it to a customer by other appropriate methods.

These Terms of Use after the change shall produce effect from the effect occurrence time mentioned above. These terms after the change are applied to a customer using this service after the effect of the change of these Terms of Use occurred.
・This service may stop the offer of this service temporarily after having notified a member due to maintenance, the check of the system beforehand. But, in the case of our unexpected situation, the offer of this service may stop it without a notice temporarily.
・We shall abolish this service after having announced it to a member beforehand when we judge the administration of this service to be hard to continue by the activities of the artist and other circumstances. In this case we shall not return paid monthly basis sign-in costs, use of paid contents charges for a member anymore.
・We charge a registration rate of monthly basis 100 JPY (tax-excluded) to a customer on using our site. About the online shop you have you consent to an amount of money to state clearly individually each time, and please pay in us. 

・The use of this service costs a communication fee other than information charges separately. It takes a communication fee of the transmission and reception when a customer uses packet data service.
・When you violate these other Terms of Use, when you do not pay the information charges that a customer should pay, we stop the offer of this service for the customer without any notice or notification or shall be able to cancel the use contract.
・When you are to cancel the use contract of the monthly basis course, please file for the cancellation through your mobile device. It shall deal with all the procedures of the use contract cancellation. It means that we realize the mobile device of the customer as a procedure from a customer.
・Please consent to there being a case to delete "the information written in" without notifying a customer by our judgment in this service.
・When the abuse act of a note and the inquiry form support email that a customer is vicious is done, it may limit part of use of the service (note function, inquiry form function).
・When it is not improved even if we produce warning, for an act such as the above, I may take the forced withdrawal measures.
・For us, our employee, our person concerned, other members, I prohibit an act says verbal abuse and verbal abuse and judged words (the standard of evaluation does not disclose it), harassment and harassment and judged words (the standard of evaluation does not disclose it) to a partner directly or to tell indirectly.

We receive the IP address of the customer, cookie information, the information such as reading/pages of this site that you searched from the browser of the customer automatically and record it to a server.
We are intended to use the information from a customer in the following forms mainly.
・To offer this service
・To expand contents and the service contents in this service more
・Of the statistics data making about this service to refer to it
・To use it for duties for the purpose of the shipment such as a product.
・Because we do some kind of communication to a customer
・We shall not perform any guarantees such as the integrity, accuracy, certainty, usefulness about the information that the contents of this service and a customer obtain through this service.

In the outside of these Terms of Use, our company do not take the at all responsibility about all damage which occurred from the reason that you should not put the responsibility on us. -With or without our foreknowledge, Our company include the damage of the customer based on the damage, the loss of profits that special circumstances caused and the compensation for damages request from a third party.- In the interpretation of these terms, I assume Japanese law a governing law. When a dispute occurs about this service, I assume a court having jurisdiction over our head office location the exclusive agreement jurisdiction.


Thank you for reading

Effective date
August 1, 2020

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